lawn care greenville sc


If your Located in Greenville, SC?and having problems with your lawn Or tired of putting off your backyard honey do list? I know what it feels like to have all the weeds and bushes totally out of control !


My  house needed an overhaul.  The soil was compact , the grass was turning brown because I had not done a core aeration !

Enough was enough , . It was time to call in the professionals ! I searched angies list for lawn care greenville sc . I  found the grass barbers and noticed they had 5 star reviews, I spoke with the owner sondro and he gave me a comprehensive plan how we we would get the yard looking great again , first we would tackle the weeds, then the bushes and shrubs. I hired him right away, and so pleased we did !

The Grass Barber  is fully-licensed and insured, servicing Greenville, South Carolina.


They also suggested the following services which I said yes lets do it !    fertilize and mulch the land so that grass will start to grow.    mulching is a common method in lawn care that can be very good for the plants when done properly. Soil is covered with mulches, like bark, wood, chips, leaves, and other organic material so it helps moisture and improves the health of the topsoil . Mulching retains soil moisture by reducing evaporation and it also increases water infiltration. This process acts as an awesome insulator that regulates soil temperature. With mulching, the  activity in the soil is increased by providing micro-organisms and earthworms with feed , thus helping it. Mulching prevents weed growth and erosion. It will also require less watering which saves money on the water bill. There is no way I could have done this on my own,  I can’t say it enough the best lawn care greenville sc

They also recommended to seed my lawn. Since I am as good as starting a new lawn with the current situation my property is in, the expert Barbers strongly recommended me to do this. They told me that the timing in seeding is very crucial to grass growth. Thank goodness I am sensible enough to call the experts! The good thing is, the Grass Barber can do all these things for me! There is no need to double, or even triple the cost because once company can do it all for you.