Crossfit or NO?

What Is the Crossfit Phenomenon ?

Crossfit is an HIIT exercise program, developed my Greg Glassman. Crossfit targets the whole body, blending the elements of cardio, weight lifting, gymnastics, core training, and much more to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain what you’ve worked hard for, bulk up, or go lean, Crossfit will surely have something in store for you.

Crossfit is a high-intensity workout that is extremely diverse, making sure that you get the most out of every workout. In Crossfit, you are never likely to do the same routing twice in one week. So, if you’re like me, who needs to up the ante in your workouts, Crossfit is definitely something to think about if you have never tried it

Now lots of people swear by the weight loss benefits they have received , in fact I had tons of friends convince me to go to a cross fit gym and give the workout routines a chance. I even hired a personal trainer at one of the gyms in greenville sc , however after 1 month , I kind of missed the standard gym exercises that more conventional gyms offer. So I told my buddies I was cancelling my membership. They weren’t pleased , but I missed the good ol , Golds Gym vibe. what can I say , I have always been a fan of the Arnold , Anyways There are so many local gyms to choose from , I stumbled upon this blog post that really narrowed down for me the pricing of all the local gyms. After checking all the details I did finally shoot the gun and go back to Golds. anyways here is the blog post I was talking about gyms in greenville sc , I hope you find the right place that suits you. Exercise is so important to help with blood flow and brain power. If we do not  have a good gym experience , it will make us want to quit. which is never ideal ! we have to keep at it . keep pushing forward. results take time and consistency !


lawn care greenville sc


If your Located in Greenville, SC?and having problems with your lawn Or tired of putting off your backyard honey do list? I know what it feels like to have all the weeds and bushes totally out of control !


My  house needed an overhaul.  The soil was compact , the grass was turning brown because I had not done a core aeration !

Enough was enough , . It was time to call in the professionals ! I searched angies list for lawn care greenville sc . I  found the grass barbers and noticed they had 5 star reviews, I spoke with the owner sondro and he gave me a comprehensive plan how we we would get the yard looking great again , first we would tackle the weeds, then the bushes and shrubs. I hired him right away, and so pleased we did !

The Grass Barber  is fully-licensed and insured, servicing Greenville, South Carolina.


They also suggested the following services which I said yes lets do it !    fertilize and mulch the land so that grass will start to grow.    mulching is a common method in lawn care that can be very good for the plants when done properly. Soil is covered with mulches, like bark, wood, chips, leaves, and other organic material so it helps moisture and improves the health of the topsoil . Mulching retains soil moisture by reducing evaporation and it also increases water infiltration. This process acts as an awesome insulator that regulates soil temperature. With mulching, the  activity in the soil is increased by providing micro-organisms and earthworms with feed , thus helping it. Mulching prevents weed growth and erosion. It will also require less watering which saves money on the water bill. There is no way I could have done this on my own,  I can’t say it enough the best lawn care greenville sc

They also recommended to seed my lawn. Since I am as good as starting a new lawn with the current situation my property is in, the expert Barbers strongly recommended me to do this. They told me that the timing in seeding is very crucial to grass growth. Thank goodness I am sensible enough to call the experts! The good thing is, the Grass Barber can do all these things for me! There is no need to double, or even triple the cost because once company can do it all for you.


why we love grass fed butter

Butter Contains Saturated Fat, But Who Cares?

Butter used to be considered unhealthy, because it has saturated fat.

Two  review  were published recently, one in 2010 and the other in 2014. Both included hundreds of thousands of people.

These studies had clear results that there is no association between saturated fat consumption and heart disease  .

Butterfat is  complex. It has about 400 different fatty acids, and a decent amount of fat-soluble vitamins  .

Fatty acids are  more than just sources of energy , some of them have potent biological activity.

fatty acids in butter can affect our physiology and biochemistry in some way, leading to major health benefits.

there is no factual studies that real grass-fed butter causes any bad side effects. If anything, the evidence shows it to be super beneficial.

Organic grass-fed butter offers a high percentage of conjugated linoleic acid   CLA has been found to be a potent anti-cancer agent, as evidenced in an animal study where the feeding of CLA to rats halted tumors

fat-rich,  grass-fed butter may just help you as well with your weight loss goals if you include it on a regular basis in your diet. The one responsible for this is again the high CLA content of organic grass-fed butter. In a recent study, individuals were provided CLA pills as a dietary supplement and the results were promising as said CLA  resulted in measurable weight loss in human subjects.

Lastly,  grass-fed butter is rich in antioxidants as well as vitamins D, E and A. This  source of dietary fats is also a good source of vitamin K2, essential compounds that when in balanced levels in our bodies ensure bone density health. Vitamin K2 also functions by ensuring that calcium indeed goes to the bones instead of in the veins

However, just because butter is relatively healthy in modest amounts, we should still learn a lifestlyle of balance

I Highly recommend this article  COCONUT OIL VS BUTTER , so you can decide which source of fat you want to incorporate into your daily health and fitness routine !

I personally have learned to use both coconut oil and butter, it just depends if I am making a smoothie or a hot meal with veggies, they both have their place at the table and in our stomachs.